A short blurb about me:

I am interested in all things Physics and more generally Science. However, over the years I have specialised in radiative transfer and various physical process taking place around black hole environments. I am interested in developing analytical and numerical models to simulate accretion and ejection in compact object systems. This means I tend to focus on mostly relativistic processes, e.g. Synchrotron radiation, Compton scattering, Pair production/annihilation, shock acceleration etc.

In addition, I enjoy coding and developing software in various languages (C/C++, Python, Fortran). More recently I have started tinkering with hardware and am particularly enjoying playing with Arduinos and Raspberry Pi's. In addition, visualising scientific data in novel ways has piqued my interest.

Prior to joining the UK Met office I was a post-doctoral researcher in theoretical astrophysics at Ohio University where I was conducting research in black hole environments. More specifically, relativistic jets emanating from black hole systems. I did my PhD at the University of Southampton where I also focused on jet physics. During my PhD I worked mainly on stellar mass black holes, while during my post-doc super-massive black hole systems were my main area of research.